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Selecting the best pricing solution that fits with your organisation is a process that can be very challenging

Not every pricing technology available in the market is the same and not all of them fit will every organisation and business. The selection of the best fit of pricing technology for an organisation should consider the current pricing processes, the future pricing processes and the transition to go from the current to the future state. 

We help organisations to select the best fit in terms of pricing technology though a proven approach and methodology that ensures covering the solution’s adoption across the organisation. 

Our Approach

We generate cross-functional alignment on the decision and assess the different solutions by using tools and methodologies acting as Pricing subject matter experts of the selection process though an RFP development or by direct short list potential providers.

Some of the benefits of partnering together with us on technology selection are the following:

– Alignment of all functions in terms of the future state, functional priorities and roadmap.
– Development of accurate and clear RFP document validated by the organisation.
– Scoring of the different solutions providers based on the company’s needs.
– Expertise in Pricing to define the Future State and Methodologies to be implemented.
– Accurate investment requires of the solution.
– Possibility of Pricing transformation support prior, during and after the solution is deployed.

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