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Why Pearson Ham Group?

Pearson Ham Group is a specialist pricing consultancy. We offer a bespoke service, tailored to your business strategy. We take great pride in our collaborative approach and we’re passionate about finding and unlocking value. With a highly experienced team of pricing experts with real industry knowledge, we are committed to delivering successful outcomes for clients who face pricing, commercial model, value creation or revenue management challenges.

Our goal is to improve your margins

Traditionally, businesses focus on driving revenue growth and controlling costs and fail to view pricing as a critical lever for driving value.

We help organisations across a wide range of sectors tap into unrealised challenges.

By optimising your pricing and driving significant incremental value, we typically improve margins by between 2% and 5%, expressed as a % of sales.

We are pricing specialists

We focus on being excellent at pricing. And we believe that gives us a significant advantage. Because we continuously work on build and evolving frameworks and methodologies, refine  techniques and grow experience across many sectors we are uniquely positioned to drive successful pricing outcomes for our clients.

Our directors have decades of pricing experience. But importantly, they also have real-world experience in many of the industries we now work within.

As a smaller firm, we believe that it stands to reason that with this singular focus, we can serve our clients more effectively than a bigger more anonymous corporate consultancy.

Successful outcomes are everything

At Pearson Ham Group we measure our success by yours.  It is , what drives our reputation and  motivates us as a team.

Being intelligent, diligent and focused is all well and good but it is the, outcomes that matter, and we focus on three qualities that are instrumental to us delivering them.

We are collaborative

Our approach is highly collaborative.

Pricing challenges may have similarities but your organisation, culture and needs are unique. You are experts on them, we bring pricing expertise and methods and we collaborate with you to blend our qualities with yours.

This is done through listening to you, caring about you and your business, working with your people at all levels in your organisation to build relationships, trust and respect.

We are flexible

Whilst we have advanced methodologies, which have been developed over many years, each situation is unique and requires a specific approach to maximise our chances of success.

We will, and invariably do, flex our plans as we progress through a project always seeking the best way to deliver great outcomes, in line with our our overall mission and commitment to help our clients be more successful through better pricing.

We focus on successful implementation

Our solutions are designed from the outset to be realistic and achievable in your current set up and we don’t just leave you with a report at the end of our engagement.

Successful implementation requires excellent planning, deep & broad engagement, effective listening and communication, on-going monitoring and the flexibility to adapt as things evolve and insights are revealed.

It is only through successful implementation that the value identified can be captured, and feedback from many of our clients tells us this is where we differ from other consultants they have worked with in the past.

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