Software & Technology

Our team understands the sector and its unique challenges well. We are able to propose a selection of solutions that will achieve successful outcomes for our clients. Whether it’s pricing strategy, product packaging, customer segmentation or developing sales strategies and discount structures, we are able to bring the latest thinking from inside the sector.

Data Preparation

Supporting the creation of a pricing data base with the necessary quality, granularity and accessibility to be able to make dependable pricing decisions in the day-to-day operations.

Data Analytics

We improve pricing decisions by providing visibility, giving data driven insights and providing guidance for how to accomplish improved revenues and margins.

Pricing Implementation Systems

Providing the operational system support to execute on the intended pricing strategies, with the right processes and providing  the data insights and guidance for decision making.

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Monetising transformation: How software companies can maximise the revenue boost from cloud migration

Business and operating model transformation is providing the catalyst for new and more profitable commercial (pricing) models. Cloud migration is a clear case in point. It opens up opportunities for software vendors to increase annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 300-500% per customer. But vendors could be missing out by not fully understanding what customers value, their industry dynamics and the readiness of their infrastructure. So how can you as a software company develop the customer insight and strategic targeting needed to fully monetise cloud migration?

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