Restaurant Pricing Insights

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Insights & analysis from a new vantage point

Knowledge gives you an edge. With better data and unique insights from over 3,000 restaurants across the UK, our tool helps brands manage their brand value proposition. It gives you a clear market perspective with actionable insights that support effective strategic pricing.

Superior data extraction & analysis

Our restaurant pricing insights simplifies and accelerates the process of price setting. We provide actionable data at its best: menu and pricing data from your competitors, blended with the consumer voice.

We update it four times a year with the latest data overlaid with our own insights and analysis. You have a fresh dataset for each round of seasonal planning and for precisely targeted mid-season campaigns and offers.

Pricing expertise you can trust

We are a specialist pricing consultancy with years of cross-sector pricing experience, an in-depth knowledge of the hospitality sector, and a productively collaborative approach.

 By drawing on our deep knowledge amassed through years of pricing analysis, our tool gives an unbeatable breadth of coverage and the intuitive flexibility to deliver meaningful insights.

Data from 3,000+ restaurants and 2,000 consumers

Price with confidence

• Quarterly price-collection exercise covers all core menus for every site for all major brands

• Data is structured for easy analysis: LFL, menu architecture and strategy, basket value, with item-specific and category summaries

Quarterly consumer-voice market research reveals guest attitudes to brands, market, pricing, current status, and trends

The benefits

We offer a complete view of competitor menu prices and price architecture helps you understand your own market price position.

Compare pricing strategies across brands, including regional variances, pricing architecture, menu offerings, and price bands

• Understand customers’ evolving value perceptions, buying criteria, and price expectations, as well as overall eating-out trends

• Know how prices are moving and gain a view of overall market trends

Our expertise & experience

The team is led by Ines Llerena del Blanco, our food and beverage pricing-strategy director. She specialises in consumer behavioural analytics, demand based pricing, data-driven insights, and promotion strategy.
With over 20 years’ hospitality industry experience gained in the Americas and Europe, Ines knows the sector intimately. Using advanced analytics and a unique combination of experience and knowledge, she has helped numerous brands price more profitably.

Previous experience includes working with McDonald’s, TGIF, Darden Restaurants, Greene King Pub Co., Costa and Whitbread.

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