Bespoke Pricing Insights
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Our reports use a combination of comprehensive pricing data and consumer insights, overlaid with our pricing knowledge and expertise, to enable your teams to price with confidence.

Competitive advantage

Our in-depth pricing reports provide everything your team needs to make confident, profitable pricing decisions. Our unique combination of menu pricing data AND consumer voice insights creates a powerful basis from which to drive your pricing strategy and gain competitive advantage.


Pricing insights

You’ll see:

  • Market inflation – how have your key competitors been changing prices and what does that mean for your own pricing strategy in future pricing rounds?
  • Price positioning – how do prices compare across the market? Where are brands over and under-pricing and what is the size of the opportunity?
  • Price architecture – how are key players in the market pricing their products? What strategies are being deployed as brands seek to maximise returns whilst protecting value proposition?

Customer insights

We work with a panel of over 2,000 UK diners to understand:

  • Which brands customers are visiting and with what frequency, to help you shape a coherent competitor and customer strategy
  • What these brands do well and not so well in eyes of customers – what are the competitive advantages  and disadvantages that should be addressed to help get a leg up on the competition?
  • Willingness to pay – what are customer’s price expectations and how does that vary based on geography and product, to help assess where there may be untapped pricing potential
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Industry experience and pricing expertise

The team is led by Ines Llerena del Blanco, our food and beverage pricing-strategy director. She specialises in consumer behavioural analytics, demand based pricing, data-driven insights, and promotion strategy.
With over 20 years’ hospitality industry experience gained in the Americas and Europe, Ines knows the sector intimately. Using advanced analytics and a unique combination of experience and knowledge, she has helped numerous brands price more profitably.

Previous experience includes working with McDonald’s, TGIF, Darden Restaurants, Greene King Pub Co., Costa and Whitbread.

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Pricing for profitability

We work with many clients to help them successfully use pricing as a lever for profitability. Using our in-depth sector expertise, alongside our many years of experience of pricing consultancy, we are ideally placed to help you solve any pricing, strategy or revenue management challenges you may face in your restaurant business.

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