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Successful short-term optimisation of prices, with a roadmap of opportunities to unlock 20-40% profit growth over time


  • Lack of data-driven decision-making, with historic moves based on instinct 
  • Desire to capture more value through pricing while maintaining affordable positioning 
  • Unclear internal view on what patients consider to be ‘affordable’ 
  • Clinicians more sensitive to price moves than patients: critical to ensure the clinicians brought on journey 
  • The ever-changing and unpredictable nature of NHS dentistry supply contributes to complexity in the supply/demand relationship


  • Pricing adjustments resulting in +7.5% of incremental EBITDA 
  • Pricing tool that provides data driven price recommendations differentiated by treatment and clinic based on pricing capacity 
  • Clinic communication material providing guidance on best practice for communicating price changes with the clinicians to ensure winning of ‘hearts and minds’ 
  • Short, medium and long-term opportunities, with sequenced roadmap, with +20% to 40% (as a percentage of revenue) of incremental EBITDA identified 


What We Did

Market Research: Customer Behaviours and Price Perceptions

Market research provided a foundational base by identifying where the ‘affordable price range’ lies.  

The research provided insights by treatment-type and allowed understanding of patient behaviours, decision making processes and the role of price. 

Market Research: Competitor Price Collection

Identified competitor price positioning across a range of corporate and independent clinics, to inform strategy within different localities. 

Transactional Analysis (Transaction Level Insights)

Evaluated performance drivers and revenue levers at a transaction level. 

Thorough insights generated, enabling the building of a pricing fact base, and unlocking crucial insights to inform the price optimisation process. 

Price Optimisation

Data-driven process that collated insights from customer, competitors and transaction analysis to arrive at optimal price points at a treatment level. 

Taken was a highly collaborative approach where price recommendations were workshopped to align on approach and ensure all nuance was captured.

Collaborative opportunity workshop

Held a workshop with the client to present and discuss further opportunities to drive growth over the short, medium and long term. 

The roadmap discussed included opportunities for EBITDA growth on +20% to +40% over time. 

The analysis was really thorough, and I thought the way they communicated and kept feeding back to all the stakeholders was really exceptional.

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Case Studies

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