Promotions Strategy & Optimisation

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Over-reliance on promotions cannibalises margins and reduces perception of quality

Promotions are the most contentious, difficult and often poorly delivered component of a pricing strategy. This normally reflects that the promotions development process can lack robustness. We conduct a holistic review of your promotional strategy, identifying areas of opportunity, in line with your commercial strategy. Our process includes modelling alternatives as well as potential communication design. We have developed best practice methods for each element of the promotions process and help clients to improve them.

Our approach

Our pricing team will fully assess existing and historical promotion. From there, we will work with you and your teams to identify opportunities that are aligned to your strategy and design future promotional campaigns that encourage desired customer behaviours. Promotions are optimised based on customer response and revenue cannibalisation. New, innovative campaigns are created through building an in-depth understanding of customer thinking and behaviours, with new processes put in place for successful delivery and measurement.

Our work

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