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We delivered significant profitability improvement while making it sustainable.


  • Same or declining margins due to increasing costs and COVID-19 pandemic
  • Essentially cost+ pricing model, which did not take into account customers’ willingness-to-pay
  • Limited capability to track the portfolio performance at a granular level
  • Largely market price follower position with limited ability to leverage strong brand
  • Limited organisational capability to change prices in response to market


  • Selected product lines  that make the most significant contribution to revenue
  • High level of alignment with business owners on pricing recommendations
  • Significant revenue coverage aligned to the Pareto distribution
  • Revenue-based representation of gross variable margin, in line with usual enhancement


What We Did

Pricing Surveys & Brand Tracker

We crafted market research studies for both summer and winter product lines, utilising a panel of participants. We analysed the findings, by creating  customer profiles, examining purchasing habits , gauging price sensitivity and establishing our clients competitive positioning.

Key Value Items (KVIs) Selection Criteria

The product line selection step determines the initial product segmentation for the purposes of price optimisation.

  • Item that customers find ‘attractive‘ and contribute significantly to the retailers sales
  • Profitable items that create value for not only the business, but also its customers
  • Commonly used products which have been popular with consumers for a long time
  • Products for which prices are compared quite often by consumers 

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Portfolio Profitability Analysis

We created a flexible data pipeline and developed a pricing database. With an advanced Tableau-powered dashboards to visually represent essential insights related to profit, revenue, cost, and market trends, incorporating both transactional and market survey data.

In order to achieve complete acceptance and implementation of the new pricing structures, we integrated various elements, including data engineering, data science and comprising elasticity analysis.

Product segmentation, basket analysis, advanced analytics , market insights obtained through market research, and our extensive commercial expertise, into our approach.

Within a 5 week turn around we were able to recommend new price changes for the entire product line.



Price Optimisation

Using a semi-automated pricing optimisation system that depends on profitability and demand analysis, along with thorough research, market segmentation, and competitive positioning, we create finely-tuned pricing strategies that align with our clients’ business limitations.

Our pricing optimiser determines the best prices by considering the customers’ willingness to pay, as indicated by price elasticity, and the gross variable margin, all while adhering to established rules and constraints.

An analysis of elasticity by product type is regularly updated to reflect business constraints. This helps us identify areas where price increases can be implemented while safeguarding the performance of our online portfolio from substantial increases.

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Performance Monitoring

We developed a solution that improves overall financial performance and facilitates agile and prompt business decision-making. This is achieved by continuously monitoring brand performance and providing detailed insights into pricing and margins.

The implementation of the new pricing and monitoring procedures brought about operational adjustments aimed at optimizing current capacity and efficiency levels.

Additionally , we created training materials and user guides to equip the organization with the necessary pricing knowledge.

Working with this team has been an absolute delight. Their responsiveness and unwavering support made finding a solution effortless. It was like a perfect fit tailored to our exact requirements. The new automated method they introduced not only improved our margin rates but also enhanced our end-of-series rates significantly

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Case Studies

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